Mission Details

At The Kitcoin Club we are building a site where people can sign up for any Job Skills Training course. They can sign up as Teachers, Students, Employers, Investors, or Verifiers (or all). The catch is, they must provide data on what was spent on the Training, how much the income of the student of each Course increased, what was the Return-on-Investment for the Investor.

Also, the Investment cannot be a loan. It must be an Investment in the Training of the Student, which must include an on-the-job component at Employers' locations (or tele-work presence). The Teaching is also encouraged to be Tele-Learning with a real live Teacher in addition to Online Course Material. But old-fashioned Training is also acceptable.

The Student must pay back 10% of what they earn (or a percentage of the increase in income), for 10 years, or up to a maximum of twice what was invested is repaid to the Investor. (This allows the project to fund two additional Students for every successful Student.)

The expected result is that the data itself (which would be privacy-managed -- consent must be given by the choice by the owner of the information to anyone who requests it) would spontaneously generate the information needed for all players.

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