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Well, that has been a promise of every politician of every stripe since the dawn of modern civilization. It has resulted in many revolutions, but the struggle for US Independence was probably the least destructive, and the most effective so far. But if you have lived in the US for any significant amount of time, you will realize that there are many who cannot escape the trap of limited income.

Job Skills Training done by private companies, private charities, and some government initiatives has produced a lot of good results. But there are several times the number of fraudulent promises of training that do not result in increased income.

We at the The Kitcoin Club intend to solve this problem. We are private and part of what we call the Social Private Sector. That is, private companies that try to implement solutions to social problems, but without taking donations or any government money, and still making at least the average profit margin of the sector they work in.

A "Kitcoin" is a digital currency that will be linked tightly to the US Dollar. Any money our Sponsors invest in Kitcoins will be invested in risk-based scholarships for Job Skills Training for anyone who wants to increase their income. Funding will be directed based on the data available from participating Training Schools, many of which will be formalized Training Departments of large and small companies all over the world. Students will agree to pay back 10% of their income for 10 years, subject to a maximum of double what was invested in their training (including living expenses during such training if they choose to take it). The site will be open to all. If you have a skill, start a TeleLearning program during this COVID-19 crisis or for under-developed countries. We will arrange financing and technology solutions for you.

No money invested is a loan or a donation. It is a risk-based investment, and will be made individually (or by independent groups such as Pension Funds and so on) based on the data provided by schools or individuals who accurately disclose their effectiveness at training, placement, and increase in income. Data is the key and always has been. And the age of Big Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence is now here to make use of data in ways never before possible.

Please free to participate in this web site, or build your own to implement the same thing. We are not here to become the next Google or Facebook or LinkedIn. Profit is not a motive other than the simple fact that we need to cover our costs, and we need to show a profit in order to access the much more massive source of money -- debt. This site will give you plenty of opportunities to invest (not lend) your own money in any one person or any group of millions of people, in whatever pools of training course that you decide will give you a return that are are free to re-invest again (or are willing to take a loss).

Only individuals above the age of 18 or 21 (based on the country they live in) may participate. All participants must follow all laws of the country or countries whose jurisdiction to which they are subject.

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